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Let go and surrender

I’ve been shifting through some massive lessons lately around letting go and surrendering.  Hubby and I took the leap recently and made some big investments in Bitcoin.  Everything was going well for a few weeks when BOOM! There’s rumours that they’ve done a runner, and then other rumours that they are moving their offices to… Continue reading Let go and surrender

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Who are your five people?

When it comes to relationships, we are greatly influenced – whether we like it or not – by those closest to us.  Our way of thinking, our self-esteem and our decisions are affected. If you are interested in up-levelling your life in all areas, you need to have people surrounding you that support, love, encourage,… Continue reading Who are your five people?

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How to eat healthy on a busy schedule

It’s funny how our healthy eating habits tend to be the first to go out the window whenever we are faced with an extra busy schedule. Whether it’s a project at work, exams, or extra mama duties, it’s usually our diet that takes the biggest hit. Which really sucks because that’s when our body needs… Continue reading How to eat healthy on a busy schedule