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Let go and surrender

I’ve been shifting through some massive lessons lately around letting go and surrendering.  Hubby and I took the leap recently and made some big investments in Bitcoin.  Everything was going well for a few weeks when BOOM! There’s rumours that they’ve done a runner, and then other rumours that they are moving their offices to another country to escape the grips of their local authorities and regulators.

At first when I heard this news I was devastated.  I cried. I didn’t sleep all night.  And that feeling you get in your gut when something terrible happens and you just want to throw up – yeah I had that too.  I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that this money that I had set aside for my kid’s private education, may all be gone!

Well a week has almost passed now and there are rumours flying around but nothing solid to go on as to what is happening.  Our earnings are still accruing in our account but very few people are getting paid.  After numerous attempts to contact them via email and livechat with no response, I’ve realised I just need to surrender to something I have no control over.

This morning I realised that my fears had taken over and were controlling my emotions around this.  It’s been a really tough week. As I was driving my kids to school, I found myself asking, “what would love do in this situation?”

Some of you may be thinking, “WTF Vikki?  How do you find love in this situation?  Some fraudsters have run off with your money!”

I hear ya!  I’ve had those thoughts too.  But I can continue to let it eat me up inside, or I can find the love in this situation and surrender.

Victimhood and blame just holds you in your misery and pain.  Ownership and self-responsibility empowers and liberates.

We take ownership by acknowledging that we did our due diligence before we invested, that we looked at other options, that we decided to take the calculated risk that something may go wrong or not to plan.  Accepting the situation for what it is, that we can’t change it.  And surrender it up to the higher powers that be, to take control.

And by surrendering I don’t mean I’ve given up either because trust me, I am still hoping and praying that our money is safe.  But surrendering to the process and trusting that the people involved are acting out of love and with integrity for their investors and doing what is best for them.  And if they aren’t, then the higher powers that be will sort them out!

We all have the free will to make new choices, to make fresh decisions in every moment and when you start to take total responsibility for yourself and your life, you will set yourself free.


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