Invictus, Mark Urquhart

My meeting with Prince Harry!

Just a day in the life of an Invictus Athlete’s wife – well I’m not quite his wife yet but I will be in 16 DAYS!!!!  And I can’t wait!

So I’ve just walked in the door this morning after getting off my flight from Sydney that was supposed to get me home last night!  Due to freak storms in Sydney last night, my flight was cancelled.  But that can’t dampen my spirits after the day I had yesterday!

I’ve also had bloggers block lately but I just had to jump on this morning and write this piece.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to fly to Sydney on Tuesday and take part as my hubby-to-be’s + 1 at the Invictus Games 2018 launch hosted by none other than HRH Prince Harry himself!

Now I have never been in this man’s presence but I can tell you when he sashayed into the beautiful white marquee perched on the lawns of Admiralty House overlooking the Sydney Opera House, I had a reaction that I wasn’t expecting – I let out a stifled squeal and almost peed my pants!!!  To which my hubby-to-be replied “calm your farm!” hehe

As numerous speakers got up to share their part in this launch I couldn’t help but stare at him in awe and disbelief that I was there, in that place, in his presence.  How grateful am I!

Harry had his turn on the mic of course and spoke about what he had created in the Invictus Games and why he created it.  This amazing man served on the front line in Afghanistan like so many of the servicemen and women, and veterans standing right before him, so no one can understand these soldiers better than him.

He spoke about ability that sport has to bring people together.  It helps those that participate to recovery from injury, refocus the mind, brings a sense of purpose to their lives and boosts their self-confidence which in turn positively impacts their families too. I can vouch for that!

Mark and I and everyone in that room were captured by Harry’s presence as he continued to speak about how Invictus reminds us of the contributions that these servicemen, women and veterans make.  The tears started to well in my eyes with pride as Prince Harry continued on to once again honour Mark for his unselfish act of sportsmanship at last year’s games.

Invictus also reminds us all of the amazing contribution that our servicemen, women and veterans make. You need look no further than the remarkable sportsmanship showed by Mark Urquhart at the Invictus Games in Orlando last year; Mark sacrificed his gold on the track to push his fellow competitor Stephen Simmons from the USA into first place – simply because he felt Stephen deserved it more ~ HRH Prince Harry

You can read Harry’s entire speech here.

Once the formalities were over, the athletes and family & friends stood in pods awaiting HRH to greet every single one of us.  Talk about feeling special and valued!  Of course last time Harry saw Mark he had legs.  So this time, Mark stood to greet Harry and looked him straight in the eye, a moment I could tell he was so very proud and humbled to do.

That’s my proud face lol

Harry has been kept up to date with numerous messages, pictures and videos of Mark’s rehabilitation process since having his legs off last year and was really very excited to be talking and getting an update from Mark eye-to-eye.  You could tell Harry was proud too, as he was of all of the athletes at the event yesterday.  Invictus allows these men and women to face their demons head on in the sporting arena.

Whilst I of course got my chance to wrap my arm around Royalty and have a photo, I still only have eyes for my man.

Invictus sports demonstrations followed down at the overseas passenger terminal at The Rocks and on the harbour, where athletes, family & friends, and special guests were invited to participate.  Of course I stood and watched with pride and took lots of piccies.  There was no way I was playing seated volleyball in the dress I had on!

As I said on my Facebook post last night, if you had have asked me 12 months ago where I’d be, never in a million years would I have thought I would have this opportunity to be living this life I have now.  I’m still on cloud nine after the day I had yesterday despite the miserable pouring rain and flight cancellations.

I still can’t believe that I got to meet Prince Harry!  But there will never be a Prince that compares to my “King” that I have the honour of becoming his Queen in just 16 days!!  Did I mention that?! 😉


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