There is no “There”

where is there?

How many of you strive for “there”?

When I get “there”, I’ll be happy.  When I make more money, I’ll feel successful.  When I lose the weight, then I’ll feel beautiful.

There is NO “there”.  When you get “there” do you STOP?  Do you sit back and say “wow, I’m there, I have nothing more to do.  I’ve made it!”  Of course you don’t. It’s ok to have goals and when we reach them we create a new goal.  We are always striving and stretching ourselves to be a better version of ourselves.

Be happy NOW.  Feel beautiful NOW, because you are.  Feel successful NOW, because you’ve made it!

The Law of Attraction says that what we think, we become.  What we feel is what we will attract.  We are more likely to attract and manifest happiness, success and abundance, if we believe we are already that.

Say YES to happiness now.  Say YES to feeling successful now.  Say YES to abundance now.  Say YES to feeling beautiful now.  The more we say YES to thinking positive thoughts and believing as if we already are all of those things that we want, we will attract even more of what we want into our lives.


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