Just Ask

Do you ever get angry or frustrated and then resentful because you’re not getting what you want?  Do you feel your needs are not being met?  Do you actually ASK for what you want?

I understand that asking can be difficult and uncomfortable for some.  I used to feel that way and sometimes still do. Like asking your boss for a raise, or asking your someone for help or just asking someone to listen to what you have to say.  I didn’t want to put people out or feel like a failure in their eyes.  As difficult as it is sometimes, we have to realise that unless we are willing to put it out there, you won’t get what you want.

It’s time to shake off the fear and change your ways.  Most people genuinely want to give so if you come from a place of authenticity and grace, you’ll find that your request will be met with mutual respect.  So it’s time to create a new habit and work that asking muscle!

Accept that sometimes it may feel uncomfortable and awkward.  Get clear about what you’re asking for and focus your energy on receiving.  Move through the fear and just ASK!

Then get ready to RECEIVE and say YES when it arrives.


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