30 day mindset challenge

So I started a new challenge on 15th January to help me create and build a new daily habit of personal development committing to listening and sharing one podcast per day all about personal growth and success mindset.  I have shared and posted 8 out of 10 days since starting.  Now that’s not too bad.  An old boss of mine always used to say “as long as it’s 80% correct”.  I’m guessing this insight comes from the 80/20 rule.  I can’t say that as a professional accountant that I agreed with doing things to 80% completion and being 100% happy about that.  But I’m not beating myself up about not posting 10/10 days however I’m learning about myself and my own level of commitment when it comes to this challenge and past challenges I’ve set myself.  I’m more than sure this is why I’m not where I want to be with many things in my life – financial, health, personal growth etc.  But I do know that if I hadn’t have made it public that I was committing to this challenge then I can pretty much guarantee you may have seen maybe 1 or 2 shared podcasts and that would have been it.  So maybe the key to making a habit is accountability.  Well for me anyway.  Putting it out there to the world and even though I have no idea if anyone has listened to them or following, I don’t really know that for sure they’re not and that someone, somewhere could turn around and say “hang on, you’ve missed a couple of days”.  One thing I have learnt by sharing my journey and building an online business over time is that someone is ALWAYS watching.  So I give permission to anyone and everyone reading this to hold me accountable.


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