Launch “I said Yes”

Hi, my name is Vikki.  Since the separation from ex husband in 2012, I have been on a journey of self-discovery with many ups and downs.  I’ve been through a property settlement and divorce which took 4 years and during that period have made many wrong choices in relationships, health, careers and parenthood.  But I also made some right ones…

Two years ago I was introduced to an organisation who’s mission is to change the world and free people from physical and financial pain.  Just when I needed something in my life to grab on to, Isagenix came along.  Not only did this amazing company help me to change my health, it helped kick start a journey of personal growth and development and led me to LOVE.

I have been challenged by a good friend and colleague of mine to document my journey over the next 6 months to hold me accountable and hopefully to inspire others.   I am getting married in June 2017 and want to look my best of course so I am committed to losing 20-25 kgs before then! H.O.L.Y!  I know it’s a big goal, but I know I have the secret the achieve it 😉


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