Hey Everyone, I’m Vikki and I’m here to give you permission to give fear the flick, let the ‘shoulds’ take a back seat and take a chance to say YES and start living!

A few years ago I found myself as a single mum in my late thirties, scared and alone. I worried about my responsibilities as a mother and what I ‘should’ be doing and especially I worried about what everyone else thought. And from that lowest point in my life began my journey to personal and spiritual growth, health and looking after myself, beginning my own business and taking control of my time and my financial situation.

I gave the ‘shoulds’ the shove – no more was I going to let the words “I should” pass my lips – I should get a J.O.B., I should take the ‘safe’ route…, I should I should I should…

Once I decided I was going to follow my heart, and say YES to my passions, to my curiosities, to myself, my life changed. I finally realized that all I had to do was say YES.